The Suez Canal Authority announces a temporary suspension of navigation traffic


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Lieutenant-General Osama Rabie, head of the Suez Canal Authority, announced the suspension of navigation in the canal temporarily, today, Thursday, until the completion of the floatation work of the giant Panamanian container ship EVER GIVEN, which is stranded by the km 151 numbering channel.

He explained in an official statement that the navigation movement in the canal witnessed, yesterday, Wednesday, the crossing of 13 ships from Port Said within the northern convoy. Waiting in the Great Lakes region until the navigation traffic is fully resumed after the ship floats.

The efforts to float the ship included carrying out tension and propulsion works with 8 gigantic tugs at the forefront of the locomotive Baraka 1 with a tensile strength of 160 tons.

The Japanese company, Choi Kisen, which owns a container ship that was stuck in the Suez Canal, apologized Thursday morning, and said that it is working to resolve the situation, and the Japanese company, Shoy Kisen, said in a statement that the ship’s stranding did not result in injuries or oil leakage.

Yesterday, reports stated that 8 locomotives, most notably the “Barakah 1” locomotive, with a tensile strength of 160 tons, along with excavators, worked to re-float the giant container carrier, which is 400 meters in length and 59 meters in width.

Reuters news agency reported that the floating of the delinquent ship is still continuing until now, and the agency confirmed in its statements that the navigation traffic has been temporarily suspended.

The Suez Canal Authority said that a convoy of 13 ships arrived from Port Said, but it was waiting in the lakes for the delinquent ship to float.

The Japanese company, Choi Kisen, which owns the stranded container ship in the Suez Canal, apologized Thursday morning, and said that it is working to solve the situation.

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