The Sun: Android users are reporting persistent problems with some apps


The British newspaper “The Sun” reported that users of the Android operating system were still reporting problems with “Gmail”, “Facebook” and “Amazon” applications.

This comes after days of reporting a malfunction that appeared when using those applications, as it was reported that applications have not been opened on mobile phones from all over the world since last Monday.

The crash is when the user clicks on the application icon, which causes the application to close immediately, due to a system application called Android System WebView that is used to display web content, according to Google, the world’s search engine giant.

And the company announced a solution to the problem last Tuesday, which requires users to manually update their applications, and many of them are still using old versions in the face of crashes.

Updating the WebView to the Android system via the Google Play Store should solve the problem immediately.

It was recommended to prevent crashing applications on the mobile phone, by updating both Google Chrome and the web view.


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