The third wave of Corona .. Is the government taking new measures during Ramadan?


The statements of President Al-Sisi, in which he warned of the third wave of the Coronavirus, sounded the alarm and predicted the citizens of the need to take precautionary measures with the entry of the holy month of Ramadan.According to the statements of Dr. Mohamed Awad Taj El-Din, the president’s advisor for health and prevention affairs, Egypt is likely to reach the third wave of Corona, which is not at all excluded, and he said: “We are following what is happening in foreign countries in terms of changes and mutations of the virus.”

The date of the third wave of Corona

Officials of the Scientific Committee to Combat Corona Virus expect that the infection will rise during April and May, and the third wave of Corona will enter Egypt during the month of April, which coincides with the month of Ramadan, as fears increase about the increase in family gatherings, street crowds and cafes at night.

Will the government issue new decisions in Ramadan?

“The virus exists and the pandemic has not ended yet.” So came the warnings of Dr. Mohamed Abdel Fattah, Head of the Central Administration for Preventive Medicine Affairs at the Ministry of Health, about the danger of the virus, revealing that the expectations of an increase in the number of infections will coincide with the month of Ramadan.

He said in press statements that the tables of the Most Merciful should be banned during the holy month, because they are a means of spreading infection, stressing that there are many good things in Ramadan and are not limited to the tables of the Most Merciful only.

He also stressed the need to reduce family resentments and hangouts, and to follow full precautionary measures, indicating that the government’s measures to combat the spread of the virus were the first factor to reduce numbers in the second wave when it imposed fines on violators for wearing masks, and rotating among employees, so it must continue until we maintain stability. The epidemiological curve of the virus. ”

Despite the stability of the numbers at the present time, but the government has not made a decision yet regarding the rituals of the holy month of Ramadan and whether or not Tarawih prayers will be performed in the mosque, as some expect that with the increase in the number of injuries during the third wave, the government may be forced to take additional measures.

Constant warnings

During his speech at the ceremony honoring the ideal mothers, President El-Sisi called on citizens to wear masks, social distancing and wash hands, wishing that the third wave would pass peacefully for Egyptians.

As for the Scientific Committee to Combat Coronavirus, it urged chronic disease owners and the elderly to take the Corona vaccine to prevent the virus, as they are among the deserving groups, and that they are the most vulnerable groups to infection with the virus due to their lack of immunity, according to the recommendations of the World Health Organization.

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