The threat of death here is an ascetic, and the reason is incredible


The events of the second story “Tell Ahmed” from the series “Helwa Al-Dunia Sukkar” witnessed many events, as Marwa Al-Azali learned that Mrs. Ilham had an account in Switzerland, and Omar El-Shenawi tries to decipher the mystery of her will.

Hisham Ismail leaves the house of Omar Al-Shennawi and goes to his private home because of their differences, and here the Zahid manages to rescue a person who came to the hospital after being subjected to electric shocks at his workplace, and Omar al-Shennawi goes to the home here of the Zahid and threatens her if he agrees with his brother Hisham Ismail and threatens to kill her, whether she or her mother if he is not informed With the information he wants and give her 24 hours.

Marwa Al-Azali goes to here Zahid at her work in the hospital and tells her that Omar El-Shenawi threatened her and tells her that Omar El-Shenawi is unnatural and that his fate would be prison had it not been for her grandmother Ilham, and that her fear was that Omar El-Shenawi was eating Hisham Ismail’s right, and she convinced her to tell the latter of the secret that he told her.

Here, Zahid meets with Hisham Ismail in his company, and tells him the real secret, which is: “Tell Ahmed, our old home”, to be surprised by this secret and confirm that his mother does not have an old house, and assures her that it is impossible to take the right of his brother Omar Al-Shennawi, and when she returns to the house she did She finds her mother at home with her phone switched off, so she remembers Omar El-Shenawy threatening her. Hana tells Hisham Ismail that his brother kidnapped her mother.

The first episode of the story “Tell Ahmed” written by scriptwriter Iyad Saleh was a great success and massive public interaction on social media, in admiration for the role of Hana Zahid and her unconventional appearance in the hijab.

The story “Tell Ahmed” starring here Al Zahid, Omar Al-Shennawi, Hisham Ismail, the able artist Hanan Suleiman, Azza Labib, Mohsen Sabry, Gilan Alaa, Marwa Al-Azali, and written by Iyad Saleh.

The series “Helwa Al-Dunia Sukkar” is set in 40 episodes and depends on separate, related stories. Each story consists of 5 episodes. The work includes stories of “Magic and Sorcery” and “Sandy Crush” and co-starring Muhammad Kilani, and the story of “9 Steps to a Man’s Heart” and presents the championship In it in front of here Zahid Muhammad Al-Sharnoubi

The story “Crime Doesn’t Help” starring Mahmoud Abdel-Mughni, and the story of “The Specialized” and co-starring Ahmed Sultan, the series directed by Khaled Al-Halafawi, and the authors of the nine stories were chosen, namely Iyad Saleh, Diaa Muhammad, Fedra Ahmed Al-Masry, Hisham Ismail, Hind Fayed, Muhammad Jalal, Ihab Blaybel, and Ayman al-Shayeb.


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