The tricycle driver comments on Sisi’s response: “I, God loves me,” (video)


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Mrs. Nahid Jamal Saeed, a tricycle driver, commented on President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi’s response to her difficult living conditions and situation.

“The happiest day in my life today is because of my family’s mind and my husband,” Mrs. Nahid said to the program “From Egypt” on “CBC”. Our Lord loves me. ”

President El-Sisi made a phone call to the air of the program to comment on the case of Mrs. Nahed, after a report presented by the program showed her while she was working on a tricycle.

The woman said in the report that she resorted to working on a tricycle because of problems that occurred to her husband that prevented him from working, after years of his keenness to work and support the family.

The tricycle driver said: “Goose was in circumstances beyond his control and a problem occurred to him, and he was like we all took the tricycle to work on it.”

Tricycle driver, Mrs. Nahed, added that she has 5 daughters, adding: “Brat is so that I know my family, and the one I am in now is so that they can live a comfortable life and do not touch anyone.”

She continued: “There are people who annoy me when I work on the tricycle, but I don’t invite them because I want to eat my livelihood, and all I demanded a stall license and I belong to the city of Oseem.”

President Sisi directed to respond to all the demands of Mrs. Nahed, the tricycle driver, directing officials to pay attention to the problems of citizens, especially women, saying: “Six is ​​a show.”

Al-Sisi added in his intervention: “By God, I hope I do every sweet need for people, especially people whose circumstances are difficult, and we are not a country of our circumstances, and the state is not rich, I mean.”

Al-Sisi added: “At least our hearts and our will remain, and our Lord, may He be glorified and exalted, helps us if we present to you a need that is what our Lord appreciates us.”

Al-Sisi thanked the media professionals Amr Khalil and Reham Ibrahim, who presented the “From Egypt” program on the “CBC” channel.

Earlier on Sunday, President El-Sisi honored the ideal mothers of 2021 at a ceremony honoring Egyptian women.

President El-Sisi issued several directives in favor of women on Mother’s Day, the most prominent of which is the elimination of the phenomenon of robbers.

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