The truth about the exchange deal between Hamdo Al-Huni and Ajay in Al-Ahly and Al-Tarji


There was news during the past hours about an exchange deal between Al-Ahly and Al-Tarji Tunisian ruler to move Nigerian Junior Ajay For the Bab Souika team, for a transfer Libyan Hamdo Al-Huni For the Red Castle in the upcoming summer transfers.

Al-Ahly entered strongly in a deal to include Al-Huni with the aim of supporting the team with distinguished players, and Hamdou Al-Houni, the star of Tunisias Esperance, comes on top of the African champion’s interests after he shined in particular during the group stage matches of the current version of the African Champions League.

Reports from Egypt and Tunisia indicate that the Al-Ahly administration reached a preliminary agreement with the Libyan player regarding the financial aspects, and that it would open the door to negotiations with the Tunisian capital club regarding the value of the deal during the next few days.

Esperance will not overstate the player without achieving the maximum possible benefit, which opens the door to a barter deal that requires the transfer of Junior Ajay to the blood and gold team, especially since Al-Ahly is considering marketing it for two reasons, first to make room for a contract with a foreign player, and secondly to benefit from the value of its marketing financially, which makes The reciprocal deal is the most important and best option available to both parties.

According to sources close to Musimani, Ajay is close to leaving the Red Castle during the upcoming summer transfer period, especially since the player received last summer an offer from a marketing company to facilitate a transfer to the Turkish League in the new season, and company officials also confirmed that there is one of the top clubs in The Russian League has requested its services, and company officials confirmed that they are going to send an official offer to Al-Ahly during the coming hours to buy anyway there is an intention from Al-Ahly to abandon its services.


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