The Tunisian Esperance star responds to the news of his move to Al-Ahly next season


Tunisian journalist Haitham Al-Rashidi revealed the reasons for the disappearance of the Libyan wing, Hamdou Al-Houni, player of the first football team in the Tunisian Esperance Sports Club, after the news that linked the Libyan player to moving to the ranks of Al-Ahly club, during the upcoming summer transfers, in light of the great levels he presented with the team during The last period, in the African Champions League and the Tunisian League.

Al-Rashidi said, in his television statements to the “Al-Allaib” program, that he contacted Hamdo Al-Houni, the player of the Tunisian Esperance Sports Club, and talked with him about Al-Ahly club’s negotiations to join him, and he replied: “The coming days will witness many of my affairs, my focus at the present time is the position With the club winning the African Champions League title, and then talking after that about leaving the club. ”

The journalist added, “Hamdo Al-Houni told me that he is presently in Benghazi in order to prepare for the next match with the Tunisian national team, in the qualifiers for the African Nations Cup.”

He pointed out that the Libyan player earns the highest wage in Tunisia, which is 55 thousand dollars a month, which will cost Al-Ahly club huge sums of money if he is included.


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