The UAE comments on the Renaissance Dam crisis … and commends Egypt’s efforts to float the delinquent ship


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The UAE appreciated Egypt’s efforts in dealing with the accidental accident in the Suez Canal due to the delinquency of one of the ships and its success in floating, and restoring movement in the canal to its normal course with high efficiency.

She expressed her confidence in the ability and efficiency of the Egyptian administration of this vital water artery for international shipping lines, international trade and an important crossing for energy supplies and vital supply chains.

In its statement, the UAE affirmed its great interest and keenness to continue constructive diplomatic dialogue and fruitful negotiations to overcome any differences over the Renaissance Dam between the three countries, Egypt, Ethiopia and Sudan, and the importance of working through applicable international laws and standards to reach a solution acceptable to all and secures the rights and water security of the three countries. In order to achieve security, stability and sustainable development for it, and to ensure prosperity and cooperation for all countries of the region.

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