These are the victims of Ramez Jalal’s new program in Ramadan – Think and Art – stars and celebrities


Egyptian journalist Omar Rabie Yassin revealed some names of sports stars who are guests of the landfill program “Ramez is a psychopath”, which is scheduled to be shown next Ramadan on “MBC” screens and presented by artist Ramez Jalal.

Omar Yassin confirmed, on his Twitter account, that some Egyptian football stars have finished filming their episodes in the program during the past days, whose final name has not yet been confirmed, including Al-Ahly players Mohamed Magdy Qafsha, Muhammad Hani, Marwan Mohsen, and Zamalek club player Mahmoud Gnash.

Ramez will also host the singer Ahmed Saad, Zizou, Sumaya Al Khashab, Ferjani Sassi, Ashraf Bin Sharqi Ramadan Sobhi.

The “Heya Magazine” website revealed the idea of ​​the program and the plot that the guests of Ramez Jalal will be exposed to, as it will be implemented inside the Saudi theme park and the guest will come and experience an adventure inside it, and in the end it falls from a great height in the water.

Last Ramadan, the Egyptian Media Syndicate decided to prevent Ramez Jalal, the presenter of the “Ramiz Majnun Official” program, from appearing on any media broadcast inside the country until his legal status is reconciled, after it became clear to the Syndicate that he was not a member or had a membership or a permit to practice the media profession, in reference to his work as a broadcaster for the program. Which was not achieved because the program was running continuously.



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