“They were in a situation that violated the balcony.” Details of the attack of the people of Al-Marj against a young man and his fiancee


Today, Wednesday, the security services of the Cairo Security Directorate revealed the details of what was circulated on social media regarding the assault on a young man and a girl in the Al-Marj area.

It turned out that the young man and the girl were engaged, and that the parents had seen them in a disgraceful situation on the balcony, so they beat them, and that the two parties agreed to reconciliation and a memorandum was drawn up with the knowledge of the police and the two parties pledged after both of them were exposed to the other.The pioneers of the social networking sites Facebook had reported news of a quarrel and a group of people assaulted a girl and her fiance in the Al-Marj area, claiming that they had seen them in an abusive situation inside the balcony of the apartment in which the girl lived, so they attacked her and dragged her and her fiance in a hideous way, while her sister reported help.

All legal measures were taken on the incident, and the prosecution was brought before the prosecution for investigation.

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