They were separated by the revolution and brought together by graves … Kamal al-Ganzouri was buried next to Mubarak


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The family of Dr. Kamal Al-Ganzouri, the former Prime Minister of Egypt, began the burial procedures of the late, and informed the cemetery officials to open the family cemetery in the cemeteries of the College of Girls, in Heliopolis, next to the graves of the family of former President Mohamed Hosni Mubarak.

Al-Ganzouri died this morning in the Air Force Hospital on Teseen Street, Fifth Settlement, after a long struggle with illness. Al-Ganzouri was born on January 12, 1933 in Menoufia, and assumed the presidency of the ministry from January 4, 1996 to October 5, 1999, after he was excluded by former President Mubarak, which was the dismissal of which a great deal happened due to the rise in the popularity of al-Ganzouri, and after the January revolution, the council assigned him Al-Askari formed the government on November 25, 2011.

It is noteworthy that Al-Ganzouri assumed the portfolio of the Ministry of Planning and later the premiership of Egypt during the Mubarak era, and he was the most acceptable symbol of this era by most of the opposition forces after the January 25 revolution, and he was nominated more than once for the post of prime minister after the revolution.

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