This artist deviated since childhood and fellowship with her brother and her mother’s lover


She deviated since childhood and lived with a number of her classmates, and other details about her personal and professional life were revealed through press reports published over the past years.

It is the beautiful American actress Angelina Jolie, who was known to be involved in many problems due to her sexual behavior, so that she was exposed to a lot of verbal violence as a result of her sexual behavior in the nursery.

We will start from her childhood, every stage of Angelinas life is accompanied by a sexual or adventure issue, you may not expect it to come from this woman, who we loved her sophistication in the movies.

A deviation since childhood

Angelina Jolie has been perverted since she was in kindergarten and small classes. “I invented a game where I used to kiss boys and then undress in front of each other,” she says. I ran into a lot of trouble! ”

Intercourse with her mother’s lover

At the age of 16, Angelina Jolie betrayed her mother, and it is said that she had sex with her lover Andra Arton, after which her mother separated from her alleged lover and her relationship with her daughter remained dry for many years, due to the latter’s unjustified actions in the mother’s opinion.

For her part, Angelina never said about the truthfulness of this news, but she named her young daughter, Vivian Marshall, in honor of her mother, as she said that she was very close to her.

As for other sources, she said that she wanted to use her children to improve her relationship with her, which is full of strange sad memories. Angelina James’s brother says that he did not know this story until recently, after the man died and confirmed that he was very sad about her behavior.

She lost her virginity

The British newspaper “Daily Mail” published a detailed report on the sexuality of world star Angelina Jolie, months after her separation from her husband, international star Brad Pitt.

According to the newspaper report, Angelina had married 4 men and married 3 of them, and they were Billy Bob Thornton, Johnny Lee Miller and Brad Pitt.

And about the details of Jolie’s loss of her virginity, the report mentioned that the famous star revealed that she lost her virginity at the age of 14, during an informal relationship with her first friend, and with the blessing of her mother, who was in the room next to them and knew what they were doing.

According to what was mentioned, Angelina and her friend drank alcohol and lost consciousness, and then Angelina told that the feeling was very harsh, and that she was terrified because of the bleeding, her young age, and her lack of awareness of the situation.

This comes at a time when Angelina announced that she has currently abstained from any sexual intercourse, and that she is enjoying and convinced of this, reading books on how to convert sexual energy into a creative creative force and practicing yoga, by following the advice of a spiritual guide.

Intercourse with her brother

You may be surprised or consider that this novel is a lie, but if you search on Google, you will find many news stating that Angelina and James’s relationship was more than the relationship of two brothers, as they were seen several times kissing each other, specifically at one of the Oscars concerts.

None of the parties ever declared about this relationship, what is said about them and did not even deny it, especially with the leakage of images of mutual kisses.

Her admiration for a comedic actress

Angelina Jolie was a fan of comedian Rosie O’Donnell and Rosie said on one occasion that Angelina Jolie called her number, called her several times and said, “She was planning to have dinner together, I was a little afraid of her. It’s scary in a sexual way. ”

Her boyfriend cut her with a knife to feel the sexual relationship

Angelina Jolie recounted that one time she did not feel the seriousness of the sexual relationship with her lovers, and in the moment of wanting to feel close to him, she grabbed a knife and cut it.

Another scandal

During her long relationship with the international actor Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie’s madness was not less than the rest of her life, as sources close to the duo tell that they contacted the international model, Carolina Murcova, in order to have a threesome sexual relationship.

And it began to appear in public after Carolina boasted of this story that happened with her, and the news reached the press, which did not miss the opportunity to know the full details.

After her divorce

Sources close to Angelina Jolie stated that after her separation from her husband, Brad Pitt, she avoids having sex, and focuses on taking yoga classes in order to breathe in the needs of her sexual body, and the same sources reported that Angelina Jolie does not want a partner in the current stage of her life, and focuses On charity.


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