This is how Amazon responded to two of its top critics in Congress


Amazon’s social media team unveiled its fangs this week to go after two of its biggest critics in Congress, Senator Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren, according to Reuters.

Dave Clark, chief executive of the Consumer Business Worldwide at Amazon, has written several tweets, criticizing Sanders for pushing for a $ 15 minimum wage and supporting Amazon workers in Alabama who are considering joining unions.

Sanders met with Amazon workers in Alabama, and Amazon News tweeted that Sanders State, which has a minimum wage in Vermont, is $ 11.75. “Sanders would rather speak in Alabama than behave in Vermont,” the company wrote on Twitter.

At his meeting, Sanders urged Amazon workers to vote for the union: “When you stand up and fight, you are not just one of the most powerful companies in this country in which you are facing the world’s richest individuals.

The company also chased Warren, who pledged on Twitter that it would “fight against stopping the union project, as well as work to dismantle the major tech company so that it is not strong enough to harass senators with frightening tweets.” She first advocated the dismantling of Amazon, along with the other big tech giants, in 2019 when she was running for president.

Amazon described her tweet as “extraordinary and revealing.”

“One of the most powerful politicians in the United States said it would break up an American company so that they could not criticize it anymore,” Amazon wrote on Twitter.


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