This is how long Corona remains in your body after the symptoms disappear


Follow-up: Nazik Issa

Studies revealed that symptoms of corona infection appear within 5-14 days after infection, while symptoms develop in 97% of people infected with Coronavirus on the 11th day of the date of infection with the virus for the first time.

Symptoms of infection with the Coronavirus last for 7-14 days,
The speed of recovery and recovery depends on several things, including the patient’s age, gender, and health condition. The majority of patients did not need to stay in intensive care within 3 weeks, and their fever lasts for one week, while coughing and loss of smell or taste lasts for several weeks.
Those with more severe symptoms need about 2-8 weeks to recover completely.

And there are some people who continue to affect the virus inside their body or have more symptoms for a longer period. For a month or more.

The virus remains in the body for 10-20 days since the onset of symptoms, but there are some cases that suffer from health problems, and the virus may persist in their bodies for 143 days.

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