This is how YouTube plans to make more money from the videos you watch


Google has been preparing to skip the advertising revenue on YouTube and has been flirting with the idea of ​​selling products on YouTube for some time, and since YouTube is full of video reviews of various products, it makes sense for them to allow people to buy the things they love from YouTube itself.

YouTube is said to be testing a new feature that will automatically find all the products shown in one of the videos you watch and suggest links related to these products. According to the 9to5 Google report, these links can redirect to e-commerce sites or even suggest better videos for the same product.

Google said in its support page, “We are trying a new feature that displays a list of products that have been discovered in some videos, in addition to related products. The feature will appear among the recommended videos for viewers scrolling under the video player, and the goal is to help people explore more.” Of the videos and information about these products on YouTube, and this feature will be visible to people who watch the videos in the United States. “

According to the report, although the idea seems noble that this algorithm may help useless product videos on YouTube and recommend only high-quality content, we cannot ignore the fact that it is said that the biggest goal is to venture into YouTube in e-commerce.


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