This is what the first human city on Mars will look like – photos


NASA is keen to go to the red planet, and while Elon Musk says it is the ultimate goal of SpaceX for years, settling on Mars brings with it a fair amount of challenges, such as the beginning of the air pressure on the planet is not suitable for humans and deadly amounts of radiation will kill anyone without Shelter, Now, a set of conceptual plans for what a human habitat could look like on Mars has been created by architecture studio ABIBOO.


“We had to do a lot of analyzes based on computing and work with scientists to try to understand the conditions we’re going to face,” said Alfredo Munoz, founder of the project, and the company said the resources at the site could be used from Mars to build a city called Noa.


“Water is one of the great advantages provided by the planet Mars. It helps in obtaining materials suitable for construction. Basically, by using water and carbon dioxide, we can generate carbon and with carbon, we can generate steel.”


Architects have created designs based on the latest scientific research organized by the Mars Society, as Munoz said: “The lessons we get by developing a fully sustainable city on Mars brings us a lot of knowledge and ideas, about things we can do differently on Earth”.


He explained that according to his company’s analysis, construction could start in the city of Mars by the year 2054, and it could be completed by the year 2100, when the first human population could start there, and the orbital dynamics between the two planets mean that Mars and Earth align positively every 26 months, which is the target window For any kind of space mission out there, and in this case, the travel time between the two is less than six months.


We think it’s technically feasible, ‘he said [ما يستغرق وقتًا] More about ensuring there is enough will and association in the international community, “This has to be something that comes from the private sector, the public sector, or different locations, or different cultures, in order to ensure that there is diversity.”


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