This is your personal data that Google collects from “YouTube”


After Apple launched privacy stickers on the App Store, Google finally disclosed its privacy policy for YouTube clearly, and Apple has added mandatory privacy stickers to all iOS apps starting December 8, 2020.

But Google skipped providing detailed information about the data it already collects from all the Google apps that it uses and how it uses the data, and although Google has not yet added privacy labels for major apps such as Google Photos, Drive, Gmail, and Google Maps, the internet search giant finally reveals About the privacy details for the YouTube iOS app.

Other iOS apps that Google has already updated with “privacy stickers” include Stadia, Google Translate, Google Authenticator, Wear OS, Google Play Movies and TV, among others.

If you use YouTube extensively with all the features, the list of data that Google collects is very long, especially for third-party ads, and the following is the detailed list of personal data that Google collects from YouTube users, according to the Indian site TOI.

Data that is collected and used to track you

This is the data that can be used to track you across apps and websites owned by other companies: contact information, physical address, email address, phone number, identifiers, user ID, and device ID.

Data associated with you for third-party or developer advertising or marketing

This is the data, which can be collected and linked to your identity, and can be used for third-party advertisements: location, approximate location, contact information, physical address, email address, name, phone number, search history, search history, browsing history, browsing history, identifiers, user ID and ID. Device, usage data, product interaction, and advertising data.

Data collected by Google for the purposes of analytics, product customization, and app functionality

Aside from the above data points, this is what Google additionally collects for analytics, product customization, and app functionality: contacts, purchases, user content, audio data, crash data, performance data, and other diagnostic data.

How to check which app is collecting data about you on iPhone?

Apple has made it easy to check which iOS app collects any type of data, as you can simply visit the app store, search for the app, and scroll down to the privacy section for details.

The new Privacy Labels features aim to ensure that app developers disclose all the data they collect from users in addition to explaining how this data is used, and with the iOS 14 update for iPhones, it appears that Apple is ensuring that app developers cannot hide behind lengthy and incomprehensible privacy policies. And dealing with personal data of users.


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