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As if time stands by us and does not move forward, the years go by and we turn around the same point that has become in the world’s norm from the remnants of the past that everyone has transgressed and even condemned, criminalized and described as cruelty and brutality. The issue of female circumcision, i.e. cutting off part of their bodies that God Almighty created in the best possible way and in the best way. Did this inhuman terrorist attack cause the girl to suffer a permanent disability that deserves the punishment of the perpetrator, or just deep wounds whose psychological effects do not heal throughout life, or a feeling of humiliation, brokenness and hatred of self, the family and the oppressive society with a stony heart?

A new draft law submitted by the government to amend the penal code in the matter of increasing the penalty for female circumcision. The draft reached Parliament and approved it and referred it to the State Council for review before it is finally approved.

The matter seems good, year after year the authorities concerned with women’s affairs in Egypt are struggling, including the National Council for Women, the National Council for Childhood and Motherhood, civil associations interested in women’s affairs, and a large number of Egyptian women and men are struggling against this reprehensible habit that has become extinct in many countries and continued unfortunately with us until now and with us Sudan, Somalia, Ethiopia and Mauritania.

The matter seems good at the official and parliamentary level. As for the popular level, especially in Upper Egypt and in the countryside, the matter needs, in addition to toughening the penalties, to spread awareness, warn and display the correct religion regarding this cruel act.

Sheikh Al-Jalil reported on Jumah the correct opinion on this issue and presented it to Parliament, which is what religious programs on radio and television should follow. Media on the one hand and deterrent penalties on the other hand, perhaps and hopefully one day this suffering and its painful experiences will disappear.

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