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Thursday, March 25, 2021

Books – Youssef Afifi:

A number of owners of tourism companies operating in Hajj and Umrah circulated news about the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia allocating about 30,000 visas to Egypt this year 2021.

The owners of companies welcomed, through “Facebook”, the number allocated to Egypt, in light of the current circumstances and procedures regarding the emerging corona virus.

They indicated that there are three bodies in Egypt that organize Hajj, and they are the ministries (Tourism, Interior and Solidarity), and it is expected that each ministry will obtain 10 thousand visas, and the number of tourism companies is 2,600 companies, and this means that each company will obtain only 4 or 5 visas out of the total number of visas.

Ghada Shalabi, Deputy Minister of Tourism and Antiquities for Tourism Affairs, announced in a statement to Masrawy that Egypt is ready to implement the Hajj season under any situation, pointing to the Ministry of Tourism waiting for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabias controls organizing the Hajj, the target numbers, age, and the mechanism of entry and exit to and from the Kingdom.

For his part, Ali Al-Manesterly, a former member of the Chamber of Tourism Companies, stressed that the ongoing indicators on the Egyptian and Saudi sides regarding the Hajj promise a breakthrough to run the season, relying on a plan set by the Ministries of Health and Tourism to start the return of travel trips, the most important of which is Hajj, as it is among the priorities of the Egyptian citizen. To spend the obligatory.

Manesterly indicated, in a statement to Masrawy, that talking about the prices of Hajj programs is premature.

Yasser Sultan, a former member of the Supreme Committee for Hajj and Umrah, said that the Ministry of Health allocated vaccines for Hajj, a sign of hope for the implementation of the Hajj this year, and that there are no obstacles from the Egyptian state to implement the season.

Sultan assured, to Masrawy, that providing the vaccine is a basic condition of the Kingdom’s conditions, but the Saudi regulations for Hajj remain, which determine the mechanism of action, including: numbers, ages, spacing, housing, vaccination, entry and exit, and other controls that will play a fundamental role in the implementation of the Hajj this year.

And about who bears the costs of the vaccine, Sultan said: There is no problem with the cost of the vaccine, because companies cost twice as much daily as the value of the vaccine, and coordination must be made with the government side in this matter, because there is more than one side that carries out the Hajj (Interior, Solidarity, and Tourism), and I think The government will unify the method of taking the vaccine in all three directions.

Regarding prices, Sultan expected that Hajj prices would rise twice the year before last, to reach 100,000 pounds as a minimum for economic Hajj, due to housing, transportation, and the reduction of their capacity.

For his part, Ahmed Al-Bakri, a member of the Egyptian Federation of Tourist Chambers, appealed to the Ministry of Tourism to communicate with the Saudi side, to know the Saudi controls and numbers, and then to announce the Egyptian controls so that companies can work in the season, since work on Hajj is not like Umrah, but rather has many settings. We finish it in early Dhu al-Qi’dah.

Al-Bakri indicated to Masrawy that the government should know whether or not the Kingdom can accept the Chinese vaccine, pointing to the high prices as a result of the difficult precautionary measures and the confirmed divergence during the performance of the rituals, which increases prices by 50 to 60%.

Al-Bakri added: It is expected that the economic Hajj will start from 70 to 80 thousand pounds without flying, and that it will reach 100,000 pounds, including airline tickets.

Dr. Hala Zayed, Minister of Health and Population, announced the allocation of shipments for the purposes of Hajj and travel, and that everyone who travels for Hajj will receive the vaccine, in preparation for Hajj and travel abroad when their time comes, with the concerned authorities regarding the provision of vaccines.

This comes in conjunction with Saudi Arabias announcement of health controls for Hajj for the year 2021, which included obliging pilgrims coming from abroad to take an anti-corona virus vaccine approved by the World Health Organization, provided that the second dose of the vaccine is about a week before entering the Kingdom, with the result of an approved laboratory examination. Negative for Corona virus, 72 before reaching the Kingdom, and quarantine for 72 hours after reaching it, according to Saudi newspapers.

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