Thrilling sand winds up to storm … weather and temperatures today, Tuesday, March 23rd


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The Meteorological Authority announced Today’s weather Tuesday, March 23, 2021, where a gradual decrease in temperatures will start from the north of the country, which will be tangible on the western coasts, where cold weather prevails during the day and remains hot in the sea and Cairo, provided that the temperature decreases at the end of the day and remains hot in the south of the country.

The winds are also active in areas of the north of the country, accompanied by sand stirring up to the extent of the storm on Sinai, and quantities of dust and sand move with the entry of the morning to the north and south of Upper Egypt, and the warning remains of a decrease in horizontal visibility on all roads due to the raised sand.

A body explained Meteorological That there is a 30% chance of light rain falling on areas of Lower Egypt, the northwestern coasts and South Sinai, and intermittently.

I also brought the body Air warning From the weather today, Tuesday, where there is an exciting wind activity of sand and dust that reaches the extent of the storm in some areas of the west of the country (Siwa – Western coasts – Western Sahara) extending to the interior.

The authority added that the dust storms are the result of two air masses, the first hot caused by the southerners of an air depression and the second cold as a result of a cold front associated with an air height gradually advancing towards the hot areas of Libya, making it easier to raise sand there.

The country continues to be affected by the depression, which raises the microscopic temperatures and raises sand in many areas.

– Here’s all Today’s temperatures Expected Tuesday on Cairo and all governorates of Egypt –

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