Thus, Google celebrated the liberation of the “Ever Giffin” ship from the Suez Canal


The efforts to float the container ship “Evergiven”, which ran aground in the Suez Canal and stopped navigation in the canal since last Tuesday, have succeeded, an event that has occupied the world’s eyes, especially with the closure of the most important global trade route, and with the reopening of the navigational channel again, Google, the search engine giant, celebrated that. Via a simple method.

According to the Indian site gadgetsnow, if you search for terms like “Suez Canal” or “Ever Given” on Google, you will be able to see an emoji animation of the ship sailing below the Google search bar, which is available when searching for these words in English.


It appears that the animation is only available on desktop so far because the mobile or web versions of Google have not yet displayed it, and traffic has resumed again in the Suez Canal after the delinquent container ship that blocked the waterway floated about a week.


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