TikTok fights bullying and negative cyber practices, in cooperation with UNICEF, in the “Create without hesitation” campaign


The pioneering platform uses the cyberspace to spread positivity, support creative thinking, and encourage users to reject cyberbullying

TikTok, the world’s leading short video platform, launched a new campaign called “Create without hesitation” in cooperation with the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF), with the aim of encouraging application users to innovate and create and raise awareness of the importance of avoiding bullying and harming people..

The campaign was launched with the active and expressive participation of a large group of artists, media professionals and content makers who shared their audience with the most bullying phrases they encountered on social media sites with real harmful comments they received, and urged their audience to follow in their footsteps not to listen to such negative comments and exploit the capabilities of the social media application for creativity Freely in a positive environment free from bullying and psychological harm.

The “Create Without Hesitation” campaign was attended by Khaled Alish Yara, blogger Loujain Salah, Karim Afifi, and other stars who participated in videos as part of the campaign to urge the application’s users and users to stay away from bullying and electronic harassment. This campaign comes within the framework of TikTok’s continuing efforts to create a positive environment for its users of all ages and to fight bad uses and practices, with the aim of making the social networking space a safer place for users to be creative without hesitation or fear of bullying, harassment or offensive comments..

Earlier, the TikTok platform launched two new features to enhance the ability to control comments in order to help create a positive environment and support tactful communication among members of the TikTok community. The first feature is to filter comments that give content creators more control over comments that are made. They want it to appear on their videos, so if you activate this feature, the comments will only be displayed if they agree to it. The second feature is a rethink that asks users to reconsider before posting inappropriate comments, remind users of TikTok community guidelines, and allow them to edit their comments before posting them..

Hany Kamal, Tik Tok content manager in Egypt and Africa said that Tik Tok plays a pivotal role in raising societal awareness of the importance of providing a safe electronic environment free from violence, harassment or cyberbullying, within the framework of the social responsibility that falls on his shoulders, as the provision of a safe internet has become. A living necessity and a shared responsibility on all parties, stressing that Tik Tok is keen to create a society free from harassment for all users, and to achieve digital safety so that users can create without hesitation and that all comments and posts are in line with the platform and society policy.

For her part, Juliette Touma, UNICEF Regional Director of Media for the Middle East and North Africa, said that “since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, many children’s daily activities have moved onto the Internet. This has made millions of them more vulnerable to cyberbullying. Effects that last for long periods, including mental, emotional, and even physical. Happy to partner with the TikTok platform to combat this worrying phenomenon and join efforts to create safer environments on the Internet.”

TikTok does its utmost to maintain a supportive and safe environment that enables the platform members to innovate, creative expression, belong to the community and enjoy their time without compromising the privacy of others or violating them in a negative way in order to build a positive environment in which everyone supports each other..



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