Tired: Ramadan Sobhi’s chances in the national team were far from leaving Al-Ahly and Trezeguet’s presence


Imad Miteb, the former Al-Ahly star, confirmed that the chances of Ramadan Sobhy, the Pyramids player, to be in the main formation in the national team, were far away after leaving Al-Ahly and the presence of Mahmoud Hassan Trezeguet with the national team.

Imad Mutaib said, during his interview with Ahmed Schubert on the “On Time Stadium” program broadcast on On Time Sports: “Ramadan Sobhi’s opportunity in the national team is gone after leaving Al-Ahly and the tournaments in which he participates, especially in the presence of Trezeguet and Mohamed Salah, and his chance can be returned in A case of regaining his level again and fighting on the field. “

Mutab added: “The few team gatherings suffer from all countries of the world, not only we, but the team did not have a clear shape. We do not know that we are pressing from above, nor are we playing on the apostates, nor did anyone see a need, and we have 5 or 6 passes on some in any attack.”

Imad Miteb added: “Mohamed Abdel-Monsef was worthy of being with the national team and other than the best players present, and the team was not affected by any absence from the Kenya meeting.”

“Sitting on the bench, Mohamed Al-Nani, who is key to Arsenal, is a strange thing,” Miteb said. “This means that I see him that you are not convinced of intentions. Well, what you miss with his team will benefit from him and play there better.


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