Today is the anniversary of the departure of the artist Sayed Abdel Karim, the most famous teacher in Egyptian drama


Today, Wednesday, March 31, the anniversary of the death of the late artist Sayed Abdel-Karim, who was born on July 26, 1936 in Alexandria, joined the Film Institute, Department of Directing and Screening, and graduated from it in 1974, and began his artistic life since his childhood in the school theater and continued to practice acting until he joined the Faculty of Agriculture In which he was looking for an acting group since he joined it and got to know his friend, director Mohamed Fadel.

Sayed Abdel-Karim began his drama career with the series “Al-Naseeb” and the body of the character of “Arabji”, on which works of art rolled one after another, where he excelled in embodying the roles of “the teacher”, and the simple popular man who acts with magnanimity and enjoys popularity among the people of his region, and perhaps his most prominent role is “Zainhom.” Al-Samahi “who portrayed him in the series” Layali al-Helmiyya “and was one of the prominent figures in the work.

The artist Syed Abdel Karim
The artist Syed Abdel Karim

Sayed Abdel-Karim became a mainstay in the series writer Osama Anwar Okasha, where he participated in the series “Layali Al-Helmiyya”, “Al-Shahd and Tears”, “Al-Rayya Al-Bayda”, “My Aunt Safia and Al-Dayr”, “Ziznia”, and “Ahalina”. In addition to his participation in the series “The Family”, “Sakin Qasadi”, “Twins”, “The Ashurite Biography”, “The Stray Light”, “The Family and People”, “Friends” and other television works.

Among Sayed Abdel Karim’s cinematic works are the films “Jadaan Bab Al-Sharia”, “A Long-Range Plan”, “The Death Battalion”, “Al-Gabalawy”, “Al-Muhajir”, “Days of Sadat” and “A Chair in the Dogs” and others. About Our World on March 31, 2012, at the age of 76

Syed Abdul Karim
Syed Abdul Karim

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