Today is the birth anniversary of the actress Samia Amin .. Get to know the most important roles in her artistic career


Today, Wednesday, is the birthday of the late artist Samia Amin, as she was born on March 24, 1945, and Samia Amin’s journey began in the world of lights in 1967, during which she presented more than 100 varied artworks, as she presented many personalities, but she excelled in the personalities of women. Rural and Upper Egypt.

Samia Amin presented difficult roles such as the role of Sa`idiyya or Al-Falaha in a number of works, including the series “The Stray Light”. Despite the small role, she mastered it as if she was of a level origin and proved herself, the most prominent of her works with “The Stray Light. Shame, stray light, Zizinia, Omar bin Abdulaziz, there is no god but God, the conscience of Abla Hikmat, legitimate right, children of the elders“.

She married artist Mustafa El Demerdash, brother of artist Farouk El Demerdash, and great artist Nour El Demerdash, and her son, artist Ahmed El Demerdash.

Artist Samia Amin had a great balance of artworks, including: Baba Nour – The Two Fugitives – A Date with Monsters – Shame – Yesterday’s Story – Punishment – King Farq – Legitimate Right – Dawn in Pashnin – May God Be Upon Him – Honorable Accused My Father – Puck Shark – Live Your days – the profession is a doctor – the market of Zalat – the moon of September – the children of the elders – we go to the oath – Faris al-Arab Saif al-Din al-Hamdani.




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