Today is the birthday of the naughty boy Ahmed Ramzy


Today, Tuesday, March 23, is the birthday of the late great artist Ahmed Ramzy, a young star who was born in the Alexandria governorate to an Egyptian father who works as a doctor and a Scottish mother, and was a handsome, athletic young man who, like his father and older brother, did not succeed in medical school like his father and older brother, so he enrolled and graduated in the Faculty of Commerce.

Ramzi married 3 times, the first in 1956 from Attiyat Al-Darmali, the daughter of the aristocratic family and the mother of his daughter Bakinam, and the second was a short marriage that lasted only days from the dancer Najwa Fouad, after which he resumed his marital life with his first wife, then they separated to marry the Greek lawyer Nicola, and he had his daughter Naela And his son Nawwaf, who was born with an intellectual disability, and his marriage with her continued until his departure.

During his career, Ramzy presented 113 works of art, most of which are characterized by the roles of a handsome, light-hearted young man, and in 1975 he presented the films “Madness of Youth” and “Love Under the Rain”, then he decided to stay away for several years until he returned through the film “The Story Beyond Every Bab, then missed again, and returned to the cinema in 1995 with the movie “The Desert Cat”. In 2000 he participated in the film “The Red Rose” and the series “The Face of the Moon”, and his last work was the series “Hanan and Hanin” in 2007 with An old friend of the international artist Omar Sharif.

Ahmed Ramzi died after a life full of love and art on September 28, 2012, at the age of 82, after a stroke, after falling on the floor of his bathroom as a result of his imbalance and was buried in Alexandria.


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