Today … the anniversary of the departure of the world star Elizabeth Taylor


On this Tuesday, the international star Elizabeth Taylor, who won many important awards that shaped her career in the world of cinema, passed away. Elizabeth Taylor won the Academy Award for best actress twice, the first through the comedy film “Butterfield 8” in 1960, while the second was from During director Mike Nichols’ classic masterpiece “Who Fears Virginia Woolf” in 1966, in addition to the Jan Herschelot Humanitarian Academy Award in 1993, while it was nominated for the Academy Awards 3 times.

Hollywood’s pampered cat Elizabeth Taylor was born on February 27, 1932, and then became famous for many titles during her career, most notably “Hollywood’s Pampered Cat” after she starred in the most famous films in her career.

Elizabeth Taylor, who died in 2011 after living a long life as she approached eighty years of age, was able to engrave her name in golden letters in the world of cinema.

She also won a number of Golden Globe Awards, including the Honorary Golden Globe Award in 1985, the World Film Favorite – Female Award, the Golden Globe for Best Actress for her role in Suddenly, Last Summer in 1960, and the Special Golden Globe Award in 1957.

Elizabeth Taylor Top Films: “Cleopatra”, “The Taming of the Shrew”, “The Comedians”, “Secret Ceremony”, “The Only Game in Town”, “Under Milk Wood”, “Ash Wednesday” and “A Little Night” Music, Young Toscanini, and others.


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