Train drivers to the Minister of Transport: We apologize to the Egyptian people … and we promise the passengers to do our best


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The Minister of Transport, Lieutenant General Engineer Kamel the Minister and the Minister of Transport, conducted an inspection tour at the Wardan Institute for the training of railway workers at exactly seven oclock this morning.

The minister took the service train heading to Wardan by the Manashe line, which is designated for the employees of the Railways Authority, the Wardan Institute, and students of the Above Intermediate Technical Institute for Railway Technology and the Industrial Secondary Transport School.

The minister began his visit by holding a meeting with a large group of drivers, operating technicians, crossroads, tower monitors and operating groups who are receiving training and educational courses at the institute.

The plan for implementing the safety system and the importance of adhering to it were discussed, as well as the method for upgrading the profession of train drivers and raising their technical, professional, scientific and disciplinary level in order to qualify them to drive new tractors and preserve the safety and lives of passengers, as well as discuss the method of granting incentives and benefits for drivers and linking them to disciplinary aspects and not causing any accidents in addition to Linking it to distances traveled and maintaining equipment and tractors.

The Minister stressed that dealing with passengers should be at the highest level, that the law is adhered to in various situations, that everyone is committed to fulfilling all the duties entrusted to them and respect the rights of the passenger, and that everyone works to become the railway authority through the services it provides and through discipline and good dealing with Passengers are one of the best bodies, stressing that he will not be negligent in holding any negligent in his duties, young or old, accountable.

For their part, the drivers confirmed their dissatisfaction with the painful accident, as they offered all expressions of apology to the Egyptian people, as they promised to provide their best efforts to provide safety and comfort to the passengers.

The Minister of Transport also met with students of the Technical Institute above the Mediterranean for Technology. The railway, where the minister delivered a speech in which he stressed the importance of the science and training they receive to create a generation of technicians that contribute to improving the railway system at the level of all operating groups. He also stressed the need to ensure the regularity and discipline of students in the school day because discipline will contribute to discipline in his work And in his good dealings with passengers when he holds an operating position for the Railways Authority.

He stressed that the political leadership and the Egyptian government attach great importance to the development of all transport sectors, including the railway, this vital and important facility that serves millions of passengers daily, pointing out that the development of the railway does not only include strengthening the facility with new tractors and vehicles, but also includes the rehabilitation of the current human element and the graduation of new batches. Of the specialists in this field that enables them to deal with modern technology used in new cars and tractors, and most importantly, disciplined dealing with passengers in all situations and that everyone races to serve the passenger and provide him with facilities during his travel through the various railways. The Minister pointed out the importance of behavioral sciences that are taught within The institute because of its good positive in the students acquiring the institute the arts of dealing with their colleagues at work and in the future with passengers.

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