Training artificial intelligence to write praise words .. Know what books are


Research scientist Janelle Chen recently tested how the world’s largest language modeling program, called GPT-3Dealing with something as delicate as flirting, AI was trained to write scripts for complimenting words, and Sheen commissioned different versions of the algorithm to come up with the best writing, but the results weren’t.

According to the Daily Mail, camel models came in as well, ‘I love you … I don’t care if you are a dog in a raincoat,’ and you love Shane, an optics research scientist at Boulder Nonlinear SystemsPlay with what you call artificial intelligence, and do experiments in machine learning that often have fun results.

Sheen first trained a neural network to create small opening sentences in 2017, and wrote in a blog post this week: “Once I started collecting training data, I saw just how terrible the component sentences that were unconnected,” among which was, “Are you a candle? Because you are so sexy. ”“ You look like something and I love you. ”

But AI has come a long way since then, last summer, a company released OpenAI Based in San Francisco GPT-3, Which is the most advanced language algorithm to date, so Shane thought she would try her luck again.

She gave the task to four common variants of or GPT-3, Which is an algorithm that uses deep learning to produce human-like text.

While it was used GPT-3 To create fake news articles that are difficult to distinguish from real things, however, efforts in the art of love have been less successful.

Some of them also came: “I lose my voice from all the shouting that your attractiveness drives me to,” “You have the best fangs I have ever seen,” “Can I put your pretty face on an air freshener? I want to keep your scent close to me always. “


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