Trezeguet: Abu Trika is the ideal for any player


Mahmoud Hassan Trezeguet, a professional in the ranks of Aston Villa, England, confirmed that Mohamed Abu Trika, the former Al-Ahly player, is an ideal for any player in Egypt.

Trezeguet said in an interview with the bein sports channel, “Abu Turkiya was a supreme example for me and any player, and it was my good fortune to play alongside him and I learned a lot from him.”

He added: “I won with Abu Trika many tournaments and played with him in my FIFA Club World Cup tournament during my time with Al-Ahly.”

He explained that playing in front of the fans’ eyes is much better as they are the biggest supporter of the team, and when the crowd is absent, it is difficult, pointing out that the player must always create motives for himself.

He continued: “The feeling of being with the national team is different than being with the club. You are always happy with your country and I seek to help the rest of the group, and now we have a high-level technical staff and also good players.”

He continued: “I lived through the period of Egypt’s defeat against Ghana, and then I got the opportunity to play for the first team a year later, and I told myself that I must help my country to be in its best place, and this is what was achieved after we qualified for the 2018 World Cup.

He stressed that the team’s goal is to qualify for the 2022 World Cup in Qatar, pointing out that the presence of the tournament in an Arab country and among Arab fans will help the team to appear well and honor Arab football.

He pointed out that Ahmed Al-Mohammadi, his team-mate, is a great player and has helped him a lot since his arrival in England, and he hopes that he will continue and always appear at a good level.

He concluded his remarks: “Last season I was fighting to play as a starting point and I played and was the reason that the team remains in the league, but here you must always remain better in order to continue as a basic.”


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