Trezeguet and I “saw the woe” at Al-Ahly


Karim Hafez, a professional in the ranks of Malatya Sport, revealed his opinion on the journey of his struggle with Mahmoud Hassan Trezeguet inside Al-Ahly Club.

Hafez said during his statements on his program, the third audience, broadcast on On Time Sports, that Trezeguet is his friend and is considered his older brother, since his childhood, five years inside Al-Ahly Club.

Hafez added, “I saw” woe “Trezeguet and I at Al-Ahly, as he is considered my best friend, no matter how long it takes.

He added that the Turkish league is one of the big leagues and has distinguished names from the great players, and the Egyptian player there is considered one of the symbols of football.

And he continued: Ahmed Hassan and Trezeguet created two big names for the Egyptian players in the Turkish league, and this distinguishes any professional player there.


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