Trump comments on Biden’s “frequent” fall while boarding the plane


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Former US President Donald Trump has commented that his successor, Joe Biden, has fallen as he ascends his Air Force One ladder.

Biden had fallen three times in a row, while climbing the stairs leading to Air Force One, last Friday, bound for Atlanta from Joint Base Andrews in Maryland.

Trump confirmed on Monday that he expected President Biden to fall on Air Force One. Noting that he also believes that Biden’s mental state may be diminishing to the point that he may not understand what he is signing, which opens the door for Kamala Harris to take his place, according to Sputnik.

“In fact, I expected that,” Trump said of Biden’s fall three times, according to the New York Post.

The former president cited a similar incident that occupied the American press in June 2020 during his ladder descent at the prestigious West Point Military Academy near New York, where he was seen descending the stairs with cautious and small steps as if he was facing difficulty in descending, which was what the press speculated at the time of Trump’s health and his ability to run in the election race.
Trump explained,

“When I went down the stairs at West Point, which was without a handrail, I went down step by step, because the last thing I want to do is stumble like Biden did … It was terrible and not just once, but three times.”

The former Republican president indicated that he believed that Biden might have dementia (Alzheimer’s), and that he was very confused and could not understand the papers he signed, which might contain presidential dictations.

Trump expressed his fears that US Vice President Kamel Harris might replace Biden, and the losing Republican candidate in the 2020 elections cited Biden’s slip, when he said last week to his vice president, (President Harris).

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