Tunisia launches first home-made satellite (photos)


Tunisia launches first home-made satellite (photos)


The launch of the first Tunisian satellite

Tunisia launched, on Monday morning, its home-made “Challenge One” satellite.

The “Challenge One” satellite is the first Arab satellite manufactured with 100% local capabilities, which was supervised by Tunisian engineers in a private Tunisian company, Talnat, which specializes in technology, software, electronic systems and engineering activities.

The satellite launched “One Challenge” in cooperation with the Russian company “GlavKosmos”, which pledged to launch the “2 soyouz” spacecraft, which carries the satellite.

The Tunisian ambassador to Moscow, Tariq bin Salem, told “RT” earlier that the launch of the satellite would support space cooperation between Tunisia and Russia, expressing his hope for developing cooperation between the two countries on several levels.

For his part, the director general of the “Talnat” complex, Mohamed Farikha, told RT that the Tunisian satellite is specialized in the Internet of things, stressing that for the first time, the “LoRa” protocol is being used in space worldwide.

He added that he discussed with Russian officials strengthening cooperation in the field of space, noting that he would discuss in this context the possibility of sending a Tunisian astronaut into space, and work to establish a school specializing in space in Tunisia under Russian supervision, to form frameworks in space technology.

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