Tunisia national team doctor announces the reasons for the renewed injury of Ali Maaloul with Al-Ahly


Soheil Chamli, the Tunisian national team doctor, talked about the developments of the left-back injury Ali MaaloulAnd the stages of his treatment, the reasons for the renewal of the injury, and the fact that his club Al-Ahly requested to complete the stages of his treatment in Cairo.

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“Ali Maaloul is undergoing hyperbaric oxygen therapy, and he started swimming, and the results are excellent,” Suhail said in televised statements on the “On Time Sports” satellite.

He added, “God willing, he will get rid of his injury soon, as he remains in his program for about 3 weeks.”

He continued: “Maaloul’s injury was renewed due to the rush to return to the stadium.”

And he continued: “The muscle injury, if a player is injured, must gradually return, especially since the big clubs play many games.”

At least: “Ahly He did not ask to complete the player’s treatment in Cairo. We agreed from the beginning with the technical staff of the Red Castle to treat the player in Tunisia, and the interest is the same, which is that he is in good condition. ”

It is noteworthy that Ali Maaloul was injured with Al-Ahly in the Club World Cup, during the match between Bayern Munich, in which he lost the red genie, with two clean goals, and after his recovery and the approaching date of his return, the injury was renewed again.


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