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Suhail Al-Shamli, a doctor of the Tunisian soccer team, revealed the developments of the injury of his fellow Al-Ahly club’s left-back, Ali Maaloul, the possibility of his return during the coming period, the first cause of injury and its renewal, and the treatment mechanism that he is currently subject to.

Al-Shamli added in televised statements that the rush to return Ali Maaloul is the main reason for his injury again with the red team.

The Tunisian national team doctor indicated that the player is currently undergoing oxygen therapy, and after 3 weeks he is scheduled to return to training in a light manner with great caution.

Al-Shamli explained that caution comes through the player’s injury renewed, and that the return after renewed muscle injuries must be gradual so that things do not get worse again, or they get out of control, God forbid.

The Tunisian national team doctor stressed that the muscle injury, if renewed, would be a problem because of the player, revealing that the interest has become one, which is to return well to the ranks of Al-Ahly and the Tunisian team.

Al-Shamli added: “There is no problem in treating the player in Tunisia, so it was agreed with the technical staff of Al-Ahly to treat the player. The interest is one, which is to return safely at the right time without haste.”

The Tunisian national team doctor denied what was reported about Al-Ahly’s adherence to treating the player in Cairo and not traveling to Tunisia for treatment, indicating that these matters did not happen.

Maaloul missed the matches recently after he was injured in the posterior muscle, which prompted the technical staff to participate in Ahmed Ramadan Beckham in this position during the Ismaili match in the Premier League.

Maaloul was furious after the report issued by the doctor of the first Tunisian football team, which criticized the way in which the injury of his fellow countryman was dealt with in the ranks of Al-Ahly.

The Tunisian star expressed his anger at the report, given that the doctor stressed that the rush to treat the player and the haste in his qualification program in order to return to the ranks is what caused the recurrence of the injury suffered by the player in the meeting between Bayern Munich in the German Club World Cup.

Maaloul’s injury was renewed in al-Sammana hours before traveling to the Congo, to fail to catch up with the red mission that faced the Congolese Vita Club in the capital, Kinshasa.

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