Tunisias Esperance is negotiating the Al-Ahly duo


Tunisian media reports exploded a resounding surprise that Esperance had entered into strong negotiations with Al-Ahly club duo Amr Al-Soleya and Junior Ajay to sign with them during the upcoming summer transfer period.

Tunisian journalist Adel Bouhilal confirmed in televised statements on the “Ninth” program that Esperance Club opened the door for negotiations with the duo Amr Al-Soliya and Junior Ajay, Al-Ahly players, to obtain their services during the next summer Mercato in light of the players shining with the red team this season.

“Bouhilal” explained that Tunisias Esperance negotiations with Al Sulia and Ajayi will continue after the end of the African Champions League, in which Esperance and Al-Ahly clubs will participate in the current season 2020-2021.

And press reports confirmed the approaching departure of Junior Ajay from Al-Ahly during the next summer transfer period in light of the decline in the level of the player and his departure from the accounts of the technical staff of the team, while it will be difficult for officials of the Red Castle to abandon Amr Al-Soleya, one of the main elements of the Red Team.


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