“Twitter” allows to undo the posts .. but!


The feature to undo the tweet allows the tweet to be withdrawn or corrected within a few seconds, before it is officially published on the platform.

The platform is also working on an option that allows users to recover tweets that have been deleted.

Audited information

Says an expert technology Communications and Media Ayman Salah, “The Twitter feature to be launched gives users a new and useful feature at the same time, especially the tense ones, who are many on the Internet, and who broadcast inaccurate or documented information and news, so their tweets come out as a lethal bullet that does not respond. In giving the user a greater opportunity to reconsider and scrutinize the news and information he publishes, which reduces errors and contributes to fighting fake news on the platform.

Salah adds in statements to “Sky News Arabia”, that “the new feature is in line with the increasing awareness globally in dealing with Social media On the part of users and those in charge of these applications at the same time, and directing them in the service of publishing verified information instead of the misleading that filled public electronic spaces, and which increased awareness of its danger to the future of humanity as a whole, after the use of groups Terror For social media to attract new members. “

The opinion is expressed by an expert Information Technology Anddigital media Hossam Saleh, saying: “The new feature keeps pace with the rapid technological changes and is in line with what other social media provides to the user from the freedom to edit after publication, especially since Twitter does not allow its users to edit tweets as is the case with most other means of communication such as Facebook“.

According to Saleh, the feature to be launched “is the right of the Twitter user, because the short tweet network is an undocumented space to express an opinion, and then the user has the right to amend, add or delete, and I do not rule out that Twitter provides its users with the possibility of non-timed modification of future tweets.” .

Funding source

The announcement of the new feature, which is currently underway, and is expected to be launched in the coming weeks, came as part of efforts.Twitter“To search for new sources of financing, which mainly depends on advertising to generate profits, as part of its plan to increase its income to $ 7.5 billion by 2023.

The network of Tweets receives an average of 192 million users daily, and Twitter seeks to increase them to 315 million by 2023.

And last year, Twitter notified investors that it was considering a subscription service and was evaluating exclusive options for paying users, including the “undo post” feature.

At the time, the company said it asked users to survey to rate which options were more important or less important to them.

Although the feature is not equivalent to the Edit button requested by users, it is a step towards helping users to proactively discover errors and slow down the speed before sending tweets, according to the IT News website, which specializes in technical news.

Advantages for content creators

Aside from the easy-to-use undo button, some of the other potential options include custom badges or colors to beautify the account, or tools that benefit content creators, such as “Superfulls” that allow Twitter users to make followers pay for access to exclusive content.

On this point, Salah explains that the goal of “Twitter” of the new feature that the user must pay for is “exploring new opportunities for financing and maximizing profits within the framework of the war between platforms, and keeping pace with the rapid technological changes to attract more users, and then Make a profit. “

Salah believes that the feature “is of greater interest to influential personalities on Twitter, media and press institutions, and is in their interest and the interest of their followers in providing and obtaining content that is more accurate.”

In addition to the next feature, Twitter has opened the new “Hide Tweet” feature to the website’s application developers, allowing the development of additional tools that help users hide responses to their tweets faster and more effectively.

TechCrunch, a website that specializes in Technology news, That this type of tool expected to be developed after opening the “hide the tweet” feature to developers will be especially important for companies and brands that have official accounts on “Twitter”.


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