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The Guardian said a life-saving policy would be to log men stalking women

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The Guardian said a life-saving policy would be to log men stalking women

The murder of Sarah Everard continues to interact in the British press, as the Guardian newspaper addressed the government policy that must be followed in order to protect women from the violence that targets them, in addition to the questioning of the Telegraph newspaper about the feasibility of a possible return to the general lockdown in the United Kingdom in the context of combating the Corona virus.

In an article by writer Sirene Kyle, The Guardian touched on the need to take more stringent measures on male violence against women, in light of the case of Sarah Everard, a young British woman who was recently killed in South London.

Kyle argued that the government should have taken measures to protect women from violence, but instead “promised us more street lights, some undercover police officers, and proposals to register misogyny as a hate crime, which are symbolic policies that do little to reduce violence against women.”

The author said a life-saving policy would be to register men who stalk women. “The Paladin Charity Against Stalking has suggested that the stalker registry be a nationwide database of men convicted of stalking and domestic violence. The government would not need to build a new database from scratch – we already have a system to track these serial criminals quite often. It’s just that. The issue of adding these men to the Violence and Sex Perpetrator Register, which is already used to track sex offenders. “

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