Uighurs: Chinese anger at Nike and H&M over their fear of “exploiting” the Muslim minority to harvest cotton


One of H&M stores

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H&M is facing a strong backlash over its refusal to use cotton Xinjiang, which is inhabited by a majority of Uighur Muslims.

Western retail giants Nike and H&M are facing a backlash in China after they expressed concern over allegations that Uighurs were forced to work on cotton farms in Xinjiang.

Many Chinese called for a boycott of these two companies, and celebrities in China severed ties with them, in addition to the Chinese abandoning the use of H&M e-commerce platforms.

This development comes in light of the imposition of several Western countries sanctions on China this week.

China is accused of committing serious human rights violations against the Muslim Uyghur minority in the Xinjiang region.

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