Under the name Freedom Edition, “Jeep” unveils its new version of Cherokee 2021


The “Jeep” company unveiled a new version of the Cherokee versions 2021 and called it “Freedom Edition”, as it came with different updates from the lesser versions and was provided with a glossy black roof.

The exterior design – “Freedom Edition” was characterized by glossy black roof rails, black logos, in addition to black matte 18-inch wheels with tires, as well as tires around the front grille, which also came in matte black.

Vehicle engine specifications … and flexible features

Under the name Freedom Edition .. Inc. "pocket" It unveils its new version of Cherokee 2021

The new 2021 Jeep Cherokee will come with a Tigershark MultiAir four-cylinder engine, with a capacity of 2400 cc, with a power of 180 hp, and a maximum torque of 234 Nm.

As for the new modifications, it included inside the seats with black fabric brushes stitched from titanium, which the door touches were also made of.

The Freedom Edition version of the 2021 Jeep Cherokee is available in 2 × 4 and 4 × 4 models, and comes in five exterior colors: Diamond Black, Olive Green, Jet Gray, Bright White and Slate Blue.

The most distinctive feature of the Jeep Cherokee Freedom Edition is that customers can specify their models in it, making it an SUV from the regular versions.

The prices of the Freedom Edition version of the Jeep Cherokee 2021 start from $ 27,705 for the 2 × 4 model, equivalent to about 435,000 EGP, while it starts from $ 29.205 for the 4 × 4 model, equivalent to 458,500 EGP.

The Freedom Edition grabbed attention after the SUV was made available for sale with a tool Bitcoin Virtualization from Jeep.

Under the name Freedom Edition .. Inc. "pocket" It unveils its new version of Cherokee 2021


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