Urgent .. Eastern Tobacco clarifies the fact that cigarette prices have been raised


The CEO of the Eastern Tobacco Company, Hani Aman, confirmed that the company is one of the largest and most important resources of the state treasury from taxes, and it has been indicated that it is the only company in the market, and this matter is taken into account by raising all prices as much as possible. Prices have been around for three years despite the increase in wages and utility bills.

A video in which Eastern Tobacco reveals the truth about raising cigarette prices

Aman stressed during several media statements on Al-Hadath TV channel today, Monday evening, that Eastern Tobacco serves a certain group, especially those who smoke popular cigarettes, and it was indicated that Eastern Tobacco accounts for about 75% of the cigarette market in Egypt.

As for the possibility of raising prices Cigarettes During this year, Aman confirmed, saying, “I cannot say, uh, or no, in a committee that convenes every 3 months to determine whether or not to increase prices.” He also spoke during his telephone conversation with the journalist Syed Ali, the presenter of the “Mr. Citizen” program that is broadcast on the TV channel. Event is its prices have not moved for more than two years.

It was pointed out that there is a committee working to study this matter, and he stressed that it is not possible to speak about the rise at present, because this matter is currently being studied and prices reviewed by specialists in this matter that many smokers want to know.


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