Urgent … The Ministry of Health announces a new danger regarding Corona mutation in several countries


The Ministry of Health, under the supervision of Minister Dr. Hala Zayed, confirmed that the Johnson & Johnson vaccine will almost be registered, and draws attention to that all clinical research will be reviewed, and all companies will be registered and they will be registered 100% free of charge, and this provides us with many resources from Special vaccines.

The Ministry of Health announces the risk of mutation of the Corona virus in many countries

It is also mentioned that it came in a word Ministry of Health During the press conference that was held a while ago, we are currently witnessing transformations in the Corona virus in many countries, and this is particularly tangible in France, and she added that work is underway to review all needs related to the medical sector to prepare for the third wave of Corona virus.

She continued by saying that a month has passed since the citizens started getting a vaccine against the Corona virus, and she stressed that the adoption of the Chinese vaccine in Egypt will not begin until after reviewing all the results of the first and second clinical research, so the vaccine has participated in clinical trials and there are no complications other than Expected from this Chinese vaccine, on the contrary, is currently witnessing a large turnout by citizens.

It is considered one of the most important vaccines that are currently provided through health, and it is considered one of the things that are most searched for to be presented to all citizens who want to take it continuously to deal with the Corona virus.


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