Vice President of the Basketball Federation: Zamalek’s chances are weak in reducing the penalties for canceling the summit


Mohamed Abdel-Muttalib, Vice President of the Egyptian Basketball Federation, revealed that the Monday match between Al-Ahly and Zamalek was proceeding normally, and the decision is legal and there is no problem with it and that Zamalek is considered defeated, and the white team has the right to protest against the decision and Al-Ahly asked to vacate the stadium from the fans and did not leave.

And Mohamed Abdel-Muttalib explained during televised statements that the punishment for Zamalek could be reduced if they protested, but their chances are few and will not be great.

Mohamed Abdel-Muttalib indicated that the fans of Zamalek stormed the hall of Abdel-Rahman Fawzi with the death of Oqba, two minutes before the Super League match against Al-Ahly, and the fans remained inside the hall for 50 minutes, and what happened to the Zamalek fans is inappropriate, and completely inconsistent with the regulations stipulated by The Basketball Association, and the match observer requested that the hall be evacuated from the fans to start the match.

And the Basketball Association decided to count Al-Ahly’s victory over Zamalek The game that was canceled Due to the presence of the fans, it was also decided to fine Zamalek 30 thousand pounds and move a match away from home.

The observer of the Al-Ahly and Zamalek match canceled the match after Al-Ahly refused to go to the meeting due to the presence of the masses in the Abd al-Rahman Fawzi hall in Mitt Oqba, applying the regulations and the decisions of the Competitions Committee from the beginning of the season, the match hall.

The crisis began when Al-Ahly and Zamalek players were in the match hall to go through the warm-up process, but the red team players refused to go to the match due to the presence of the fans, despite the game’s decision to hold matches without fans.

Al-Ahly team stipulated the exit of Chikabala and Youssef Abama, and Imam of the football team players in Zamalek decided to leave the match hall after the crowd left, which was rejected by the players, and the situation remained as it was until a final decision was made.

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