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Security enforcement agencies in Colorado have confirmed, at least ten people were killed in a shooting at a store in Boulder, Monday evening.

Police Chief Maris Herold told reporters: “We now know that there were ten people killed at the scene, including a Boulder City police officer.”.

“Officer Eric Tally, who joined the police station in 2010, was the first to enter the scene where the suspect is, but he was hit by a fatal bullet,” she added, while struggling with her tears, trying not to cry.

Herold described the actions of the following officer as “heroic,” adding, “My heart breaks out of sadness and we firmly stand in solidarity with his family, as his life was so short.”.

Herold refused to announce the names of the victims, until their families were notified first, “Our hearts are very broken for all the affected families,” expressing her heartfelt condolences to them..

Sources had revealed to “ABC News” that the suspect fired a bullet in the parking lot first, then entered the “King Sobers” store on “Table Mesa” Street, indicating that he was carrying a long rifle, and that he had shot The police immediately arrived at the scene of the accident.

And a live TV broadcast showed, a half-naked man, taken by the police away from the scene, handcuffed, his right leg was stained with blood, and two policemen held him, while a third was pointing his weapon at his back.

In the press conference, Herold confirmed that the security forces view the suspect, who was arrested earlier, as “the alleged responsible for the shooting.”

The police confirmed that the area surrounding the store became free of any dangers, after warning residents several times not to approach it.

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