Video – An attack on an Egyptian journalist who expelled her program’s guests


The audience of the program, “The Women Mayerfush Yakdboa”, was surprised by the YouTuber Mai Maher’s attack on the media, Moufida Shiha, due to her expulsion from the scenes of the program, as Mai was supposed to appear in the kitchen segment of the program, in an episode of last week’s episodes, but that did not happen because of the occurrence of A disagreement between her and Moufida Shiha.

In a video posted on her account on “Instagram”, Mai recounted what happened to her, saying that the program preparation team had contacted her and told her to come at exactly one oclock, and that her paragraph would begin at five oclock. She continued that she had prepared all the food and felt that she would sit for four hours unnecessarily, so she went with her friend Mirna, wife of Al-Ahly club player Ayman Ashraf, a little late, and said: “When I went, the program had begun, so I sat outside, and at the break I was entering and preparing everything. “, Explaining that Mofida Shiha did not greet her when she entered the studio, but she did not care, but Mona Abdel Ghani and Suhair Joudeh welcomed her and her friend in a nice way.

She added that after a while, Moufida asked her if she had arrived late for her appointment, and she answered her that she was a little late, then she asked her to respect her appointments, indicating that she had spoken to them inappropriately and expelled her friend from the place, and when Mai objected, she also kicked her out of the studio. .

Mai confirmed that all those present, including Mona Abdel Ghani and Suheir Joudeh, tried to satisfy her and solve the problem, but she refused to return, saying: “We are the children of people and we do not deal with anyone in this way.”


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