Video .. Deputy Culture of Representatives: The parliament intends to withdraw confidence from the Minister of Information


Amal Mahmoud

Posted in: Wednesday, March 31, 2021 – 3:46 AM | Last update: Wednesday, March 31, 2021 – 3:46 AM

Dr. Nader Mustafa, Deputy Minister of Culture and Information in the House of Representatives, said that Dr. Osama Heikal, Minister of Information, miscalculated for refusing to accept the House of Representatives summoning him for a second time.
He added, during a phone call to the “On My Responsibility” program presented by journalist Ahmed Moussa on the “Echo of the Country” satellite channel, yesterday evening, Tuesday, that the deputies were stunned after the Minister of Information apologized for not attending, indicating that what the minister was doing was political evasion.
He wondered about the reasons why the Minister of Information escaped from summoning the House of Representatives, saying that he had documents of financial and administrative corruption in Media Production City.
He continued: “I learned from Dr. Osama Heikal a harsh lesson, which is that the official must respect the trust that the people have granted him,” indicating that the council is now heading to withdraw confidence from the minister.
He explained that the deputies are awaiting a date for the interrogation session of the Minister of Information, during which he submits the memorandum explaining the interrogation, adding that if the minister submits his resignation, the interrogation order ends.

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