Video Hend Sabry reveals the fact that she received death threats


12:57 PM

Monday 22nd March 2021

I wrote – Bahira Fouda:

Tunisian singer Hend Sabry revealed that she had received death threats after she said her point of view on the accusations against Moroccan singer Saad just for rape.

Hind said, during her interview on the “Youum Lake” program, presented by presenter Samar Yusri, “This is not my opinion, this is the opinion of a law, my opinion enters me into many mazes. I have been witnessing death threats, from my opinion on social media, if needed I learned it, because when the voice is on its own, it pays the price alone. “

She added, “This is not a personal grudge, I wish he would remain innocent, and I would apologize for myself, who would go (killing my children and your daughters being raped).”

She continued: “I completely ignored the matter, it is difficult to lower my energy in this. Oh Lord, he preserves all the children. When I read this speech, it hurt me, but one day it is proven that he has acquitted him of all the four or five accusations, I will of course apologize to him.”

On the other hand, Hind Sabry is participating in the series “Counter Attack”, whose show was postponed to next Ramadan 2021, starring Ahmed Ezz, Hisham Selim, written by Baher Dweidar, and directed by Ahmed Alaa.


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