Video .. Horror in Atletico Madrid training after Dembele – the athlete – fainted, international stadiums


Atletico Madrid striker Moussa Dembele lost consciousness and fainted during a training session for his team on Tuesday, and cameras caught the former Lyon striker, stretching his hamstring, before falling to the ground and lying motionless on the pitch.

Dembele’s teammates rushed to save him and helped the striker, before asking for help from the Atletico medical staff, and it took several minutes to try to revive the player, while others ran to an ambulance, next to the stadium to request a medic and a stretcher to take him to the hospital.

The 24-year-old regained consciousness after turning on his side, and was able to leave the field without assistance, after which he underwent medical checks.

Reports stated that the condition was not serious, and that what happened to the player was due to a low blood pressure, and Dembele was able to drive his car home.

The dramatic scene in Atletico brought back memories of the moment Fabrice Mwamba fell on the pitch with a heart attack in 2012, and at that time Tottenham’s FA Cup quarter-final match with Bolton was not completed, and Moamba recovered after that, despite his heart being stopped for 78 minutes.



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