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Wednesday 31 March 2021

Books – Mahmoud Saeed:

Abdel Razek Mustafa, the lawyer for “the girl of Maadi”, revealed the scenes of the first session of the trial of the accused of kidnapping her and violating her display inside a property in Maadi.

“Abdel-Razek” said in televised statements to Masrawy that the session witnessed the collapse of the child’s parents as soon as they saw the accused inside the cage, adding that the defendant’s lawyers tried to work on parts aimed at prolonging the case, but the court was enlightened for that.

He added that the lawyers tried to enter into details to no avail, but the court refused, chiefly their request to present the accused to the Psychiatric Authority, despite the fact that the court confronted him with accusations and denied them.

He pointed out that the lawyers rejected the court’s request to plead, which prompted the court to appoint lawyers, but two lawyers refused to assign to plead, and therefore the court decided to postpone the session until Wednesday until a lawyer is appointed to the accused.

The Cairo Criminal Court postponed the trial of the accused to a session tomorrow, Wednesday, to assign a lawyer with the accused.

Earlier, Counselor Hamada Al-Sawy ordered the Public Prosecutor to refer the harasser of the hostile girl to criminal prosecution, imprisoned, after the investigations that the prosecution conducted with him ended, and during which they listened to the statements of the child and witnesses, as the child recognized him during the legal presentation. The charges against the hostile harasser were mentioned by the Public Prosecution in its statement, where charges were brought against him for kidnapping the victim with fraud, and forcibly violating her honor by touching the object of her chastity.

The investigations revealed that the Public Prosecution heard the statements of 4 prosecution witnesses, and established evidence against the accused through their testimony, in addition to the statements of the child victim.

The investigations also reported that the comparison and technical comparison that was made between the image of the accused and the picture that appeared in the video clip, which the Public Prosecution watched, proved a complete agreement between the two images.

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