Vivi Abdo becomes Egypt and shines in her latest appearance in pink


The artist, Vivi Abdo, published a new photo of her, which is a distinctive formal block.

Fifi Abdo Block Formal Pink Social Media Template

It is also worth noting that Fifi Abdo In the picture, she appeared in the pink formal block, wearing a long dress with a laser of the same color, and she also appeared lifting her locks up, which gave her a distinctive shape.

From another direction, she relied on putting a bold makkab and a golden-colored chain around her neck with a golden ring of the same color on her finger, and she commented on the photo by writing “Oh Sabah Al-Ful from Egypt, Mother of the World.”

And many of the comments on it by all followers came as follows: “Morning cream for Vova al-Asal”, “Praise be to God for your safety, Vova and my light, O moon”, “Good morning, beautiful, and many distinctive comments have spread.

It is also mentioned that she had published a short video clip through the “Story” feature on her official account through the photo and video application, which is the social networking site “Instagram” while she was on the bed of her room, and sent a message to all her followers and fans reassuring them of the rumor of her entering the intensive care unit.

And he said, “O group, in the name of God, God willing, God is the greatest five and five over you, O Fufu, oh God, life is not a bane. I respond to me by saying that I am in recovery after evil on me, God willing, who hates me and does not wish you on the idea.”


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